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In The Footsteps of a Poet

The poet we tell will tell stories about is Einar Benediktsson, one of our greatest poets in Iceland born 1865 died in 1940.

We start by driving to Krýsuvik a very special hot spring area. There we stop at a small country Church Krýusuvíkurkirkja. Then we drive further to Herdísarvík,  a remarkable very isolated place by the sea.

There is a little house build 1932 where the poet lived with the woman he loved the last 8 years of his life. After his death, she lived there alone for 18 years.  Then we drive to Strandarkirkja.  It is a church near the sea which is the most famous church in Iceland although it is not a very big one. It´s fame is devine because of it´s history but a miracle happened there the year 1106. We will tell you all about it when you are there.

Then we drive to the village Eyrarbakki and there we will come to a house built 1765. The0 house that has a remarkable history.  Then we drive to a farm further east named Hrafntóftir.  The Sagas claim that the first baby that was born in Iceland, was born there.

There we will have a lovely home-cooked meal.  You have a choice between fish, lamb or a vegiterian meal.

After the meal,  we drive back to Reykjavik.

If the weather is clear you will see Mt.Hekla our most famous volcano from that place.


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